August 31, 2020

Demo & Training: A-Z Bus Sales with Collins Bus

We partnered with Collins Bus and A-Z Bus Sales to bring our Motiv-powered Type A bus directly to school districts around California.  Getting behind-the-wheel or under-the-hood of a Motiv-powered vehicle is an interactive and fun experience for fleet managers, technicians, and operators. Motiv sales and support team members attend each training and demo, providing both technical and operational information. Customers can expect complimentary driver and maintenance training with each deployment.

We also offer training to our dealer-partners, ensuring their teams feel comfortable and knowledgeable as they begin to upgrade their customers to all-electric.

Our team is sensitive of current conditions which can provide travel challenges and we are here to accommodate. Motiv staff practices safety protocols including wearing and providing masks, frequent sanitation of our demo vehicles, and physical distancing.

Interested to see how your gas-powered vehicle compares on costs and maintenance? Take our total cost of ownership (TCO) calculator for a test drive. Fleets can expect to save up to 85% on operation and maintenance by switching from internal combustion engine (ICE) to electric vehicles (EVs).

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